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About Us

Aksh Horticulture Pvt Ltd has 5+years of experience in landscaping and gardening. He has a very broad range and depth of knowledge. Integrated Landscaping of Aksh Horticulture is committed to designing, installing and constructing high quality, technically sound landscapes that emphasize making the most enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing use of your property. 

We can help you to implement your vision whether you already know exactly what you want in your landscape, or if you prefer for us to carefully walk you through a design and installation process.  We will provide you with thorough and clear communication while we offer our expert advice gained from experience working directly in the landscape installation and construction field. 

Our primary aim is to inform you and to empower you to make the most educated, cost-effective choices for your landscape project.

Once our client’s gardens are complete, we can also support them with our garden maintenance service that ensures the garden is nurtured to the highest possible standard through to maturity. We ensure the highest quality care of private gardens, public spaces including public park and commercial properties.